Where to stay in St. Maarten

Summary: St. Maarten would be the least place in running out of options of where to stay when it is the home of several world class accommodations.

Positively St. Maarten would be the least place in running out of options of where to stay. St. Maarten is the home of several world class accommodations. Hotels, seaside villas with a private beach, hillside cottages with manicured lawns, and even humble quaint countryside villas for those of tighter budget; St. Maarten offers to every one of every need. In fact, there are more homes and residential establishments going into St. Maarten than commercial and business properties from foreign resources. Finding where to stay in St. Maarten isn’t really that hard. A minute spent surfing over the web could get you several choices running.

So, just where to stay in St. Maarten? There are lots of options by the way but finding the best deal for you requires a bit of effort and time. Here are good places to start your search.

Unusual Villas and Island Rentals
409 F North Hamilton Street, Richmond, VA 23221
Call toll free: 800-846-7280
Call: 804-288-2823 or Fax: 804-342-9016
Website: www.unusualvillarentals.com/caribbean/stmaarten/index.shtml

Their catchy business name is called for. Unusual Villas and Island Rentals offer several choices of unusually beautiful and luxurious villas for rent or even sell. With over 200 villas on their catalog, with some prominent one over at the Netherlands Antilles, you wouldn’t have any problems where to stay in St. Maarten. Money is no predicament, there are villas ranging around $1000 (negotiable) upwards. Comfort is no pickle too, even with tight budget. Choose between a hillside or a seaside and you have the most stunning panorama for a terrace view. Those especially excessive luxurious villas could cost around $20,000 – $325,000 per week on peak season but having a whole island isn’t a bad trade.

Villas in Paradise
9-2 Kingston Lane, Medway, Ma 02053
Call toll free: 866-468-4552
Call: 508-533-1388 or Fax 508-533-1565
Website: www.villasinparadise.com

Villas in Paradise offers a large selection of St. Maarten Villas, whether a countryside bungalow or a chic seaside cottage or the most luxurious 9 bedroom Caribbean Villa available. All villas have 6 days per week maid service to keep the surroundings clean. Villas in Paradise also arranges car rentals and daily excursions with one of their partners.

Great Bay Beach Hotel and Casino
19 Little Bay Road P.O. Box 910
Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles
Call: 599-54-22-446
Fax: 599 54 23 859
Website: www.greatbaybeachresort.com/index.php?link=contact&pid=contact

A combination of a great all around hotel plus St. Maarten’s most fabulous beach comprises the best place to stay in St. Maarten. At $150 to $290 Per Night, and has double occupancy, it sure is a manageable lodging expense. Where to stay in St. Maarten won’t be the most worrying factor, it is having enough time to do everything. Bring along your family and your pet and stay all day at the Great Bay. Did I tell you Great Bay has the best beach in St. Maarten?

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