Where to Find Diamond Coated End Mills

Diamond has long been used as excellent tools for cutting, milling and drilling masonry materials. Many of those who are working in the field of machinery and masonry have recognized how diamond tools yield great production and performance that they used such tools even in their own cutting projects at home.

Well, today diamond tools have made a success in drilling that hundreds of diamond coated end mills are now designed and crafted to answer the public’s demand for such items. These diamond coated end mills are now marketed throughout the world and it is highly possible for you to find it even in your neighborhood masonry and hardware stores. Much nice to know is that diamond coated end mills can now be found online with lots of stores out there on the virtual world selling end mills with the diamond coat. If you happen to be one of those who are looking for these items, then I am sure that you would be happy to know that you’ve got the right page. Below is actually a list of the active stores online where you can find and purchase diamond coated end mills. Be sure, however, to note all their policies before you purchase.


CVDDiamond.com is in the first place the official website of CVD Diamond Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of high quality end mills. Well, this company has been in the business of designing and manufacturing diamond coated end mills for years now. Since their inception, their products have been considered as of the highest quality and style. Perhaps what’s nice to know about this company is that they show the testing of their end mills to their customers to verify the quality of their products and to encourage the people to purchase their masterpieces. It is also nice to know that CVD Diamond Corporation offers a complete range of diamond coated end mills in ball nosed, square end, and square end with a radius. All of their end mills are designed specifically for graphite, fiber glass, carbon fiber, ceramics, composites, plastics, G10, and green ceramics.


Founded in 1954, the Niagara Cutter is one of the existing companies that design and manufacturer tooling products and tool technology to the metalworking industry. They have been known for their outstanding mills that are diamond coated and that are designed specifically for graphite and green ceramics. Most of their end mills feature a .01 to 1.0 (micron) grain size for maximum wear resistance, and it’s nice to know that all of their diamond coated end mills are designed to last longer, if not for a lifetime.

There are other sites out there on the web that feature a number of diamond coated end mills for you to choose from. But before you purchase, make sure that the end mill you are considering meets your individual requirements. And, since you are purchasing online, make sure that the company you are considering is reliable and worth trusting. Read all the policies and look for the best deals.

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