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AB INNOVATIONS is a creative Website Development and Software Applications company which can deliver the goods fast and in Flash.

With its staff of JAVA developers, SQL Testers and other Designers and Software experts, AB INNOVATIONS can create dynamic websites and maintain them. We have vast Server space and can host several websites at a time.

We impress the clients that a dynamic Website is the best technology available to establish, maintain or expand the business for any enterprise in the era of World Wide Web. A website does more than showcase information. It enables a cost-effective communication flow and provide for interactivity to specific target markets, producing incredible returns.

We always take pride in producing unique websites effectively with great technology and rich designs. We combine technology and innovative spirit to produce user-friendly websites.

Whatever your requirement – a small static website, a product catalogue, online shop, online training or online application software, we provide qualitative output at competitive prices.

AB-Innovations operate from Surrey in England and have its Corporate Office in Surrey in England, but it does not do any outsourcing.


Small, Medium or Big Business, we offer innovative solutions to designing your Website, its Maintenance or Server needs. In every task we take up, we live up to the name of Abiding Business Solutions.

We create Database for our clients with customized solutions. The Data Services are aimed at giving you access to live data for current use, integrate into applications, incorporate into websites and get the outcomes. It will also give access to clients to critical data needed to make informed decisions.

AB INNOVATIONS idea is to give scope to clients and itself to think of Innovative Applications and to implement them.

We give instant business solutions to clients. This will help clients such as supermarkets and jewelry shops to keep a tab on the inventory after every transaction. Any pilferage is immediately detected. AB INNOVATIONS also offers server-based applications including hosting. We can not only offer server space but also design and maintain our clients’ websites in that space.

AB INNOVATIONS is already offering CRM (Customer Relations Management) to a London-based Multinational in its world-wide Human Resources operations.
AB INNOVATIONS E-Commerce applications offers a wide array of e-commerce solutions which will result in continuous monitoring of sales and demand and supply positions in the fast-moving markets.

We give the clients the best solutions to manage and calibrate their business and crown it with success and compound it by competitive edge over others.
We take all stages of software development process seriously. Our primary goal is to meet all out customer needs and requirements on strict deadlines and assuring them of best quality. Our core business is to offer clients a full range of IT services covering all area of business. AB INNOVATIONS offers solutions in SAP, ORACLE, PHP, SQL and FLASH software.

AB INNOVATIONS offers its clients a lot of leeway. For web services, we may charge substantial part of the contract money but less than the market. We take the applications part as a challenge and take only token initial payment. We complete the applications task to the satisfaction and only then ask for full payment. We also assure the clients that our software will be free from bugs and virus because we will be using `spam filters’ that are costly.

AB INNOVATIONS are experts in the following fields:
Automotive Banking Construction Communication Distribution Education Engineering Financial Fashion Food Hotel Fashion Hotel Health Information Technology Insurance Logistics Manufacturing Media Publishing Retail Service Sports

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