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With all of the web hosting companies available it is difficult to know if on company is better than another. and to make matters worse, most of the review sites seem to be driven more by who pays the highest commission rather than who actually does the best job for you or your business.
This article makes no claim that the web hosting company recommended is perfect for every type of online venture, for example for a really large company like a bank, or a supermarket this company probably wont fit simply because they are geared to small business.
It will however work exceptionally well for a small to mid sized endeavor, and offers many features that up till recently were reserved for companies that employed someone to manage their site and had the expertise to install php databases and other scripts, and administer a Linux server running the Apache web application. this company takes the expense and the technical requirements out of the equation for you.
This company also has a number of options as far as payment terms available, the longer prepayment term you choose the cheaper it becomes all the way down to $6.95 per month for a 2 year prepay term.
Here are just some of the features they have to offer.
1 Click setup for 3 different blogs, and they can each be installed multiple times.
· Each account includes 3 Statistics programs, know where your customers come from.
· Professional email accounts yourname@yourdomain.com
· 1 click setup for online photo galleries.
· Unlimited domains, never a fee for additional domain hosting.
· Get a free domain registration for life starting with a 1 yr account.
· $50 advertising credits for both Google and Yahoo.
· Live Chat, and phone support, with quick answers to your questions.
· They host over 270,000 sites.
· And most of all they don’t act like they are doing you a favor hosting your site.
Setting up almost anything is very easy, things like email accounts, email spam filters(spam assasin if included free) they also have very rapid chat response times, and will answer almost any question you have immediately.

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