Ways To Get Your Website Off The Ground Right Now

Freek Van der Herten - Spatie - iMasters PHP Experience 2018
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First, get a good domain name for under $9.
Make sure your domain name is plain and simple, at least for your main site. No hyphens or names that are hard to remember. If possible, purchase an expired domain name. Google likes established domains for its ranking algorithm.
Most people like simple domain names. Then optimize your pages and run an HTML check on them to make sure syntax is correct. You can use NetMechanic for that or ACEHTML that has it own Internet syntax checker. Add good, renewable content via RSS. Here’s an example page that uses RSS to keep its content fresh: putontop.com
When you keep your site’s content changing on a daily basis, Google will visit and index it more often, including sub-pages. If you are going to use RSS, be sure to use .PHP and no Java Script inclusions. The search engines don’t seem to read the java script-based content. PHP inclusions are best.
Next here’s a list of what you do to get started:
Put website URL on all printed materials
Multiple domain names covering common variations of business name and type of service or product the business sells.
Add URL to email and newsgroup signatures
Put URL on business uniforms
Give promotional items with the website URL
Put URL in all business press releases
Put URL on company vehicles
Regularly add good content to a website
Add a discussion forum
Submit website to the major search engines
Use pay-per-click search engines to get keyword targeted traffic
Put coupons on website
Link exchange with complementary websites
Add interactive features to your website, such as online surveys
Invest in traffic monitoring software to help study where traffic is coming from.
Submit written reviews of your website to print media such as magazines
Include URL in any classified advertising
This should help you with basic website promotion. There are many more things you can do.

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