Video Streaming And The Impatient Consumer

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As websites continue to grow in size and function the use of video streaming has become a comprehensive way to manage what may seem to be complicated changes for site visitors.

The development of professional video streaming tours can help site visitors learn how to manage certain tasks.

One of the primary reasons these video streaming tours are so successful is that they can visually guide the visitor through the most complicated of sites.

Obviously the best-case scenario would be to have a site that is simplicity personified, but as more and more technologies are meshed together to provide your site visitor a unique online experience it can be beneficial to incorporate a video streaming site tour to enable your visitor the best chance at gaining the full use of your site.

For example let’s explore the possibilities of a fee-based membership site that allows a professional to gain access to freelance work in their field. The site visitor is interested, but isn’t quite sure how the site will ultimately benefit them in locating work in their field of expertise.

A series of video streaming tutorials can help the visitor understand how the site functions, how they can locate work and how they manage their online jobs.

The online video takes them step by step through the process and shows them specific locations on the website where each function can be accessed.

These video tutorials are a very positive next step to the traditional help section. As the interactive nature of the web improves the notion of a glossary type help section seems antiquated.

A video streaming tour guide can be a great asset when wanting to move through a new learning curve in the fastest way possible.

One thing that had become very apparent to online business owners is that site visitors lack patience. They want to be able to access what they want to access and they want to do so quickly. If there is perceived value in a more complicated site they will extend the courtesy of learning what they need to learn, but they want your help. This is why video streaming tutorials can pack a powerful punch for sites that may seem a bit complicated when the site is first accessed.

As more and more traffic merges onto the information superhighway businesses will have to do an increasingly better job of leading customers to their site and then providing a means of understanding where they need to go and how to get there.

Think of traditional box stores. Each aisle will have signs that indicate what the customer might find in that aisle. This is the thinking behind the best websites. Bold signs direct the visitor to locations that will be best suited to their needs. Site designated search engines or site maps can help, but the online video tour guide is becoming a strong ally in the battle to help customers find the most value in your business website.

While a video-streaming tutorial is not the only answer it is one that is gaining support from a visually oriented customer base.

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