Using The New Chitika eMiniMalls To Make Money Online

A lot of website owners are constantly on the lookout for ways to make money off their website traffic. Google Adsense is the main moneymaker for most. Others are trying the new Yahoo! Publisher Network.
One of the more interesting newcomers to the market is the Chitika eMiniMalls.
Chitika eMiniMalls are very easy to use and very easy to set up. Once you are accepted into the program you will use an area in your account that creates the eMiniMalls Code for your website. You can specify custom colors for your border, your title, your text and your background. You have 10 different ad formats to choose from. Once your code is generated you simply copy and paste it into your website where you want the Chitika ads to appear. Voila! You are in business with Chitika eMiniMalls.
Now, here is where it gets interesting. With Google Adsense you primarily have text ads on your website that are based on the context or content of the web page. Primarily you have the same setup with your Chitika eMiniMalls. BUT [unlike Adsense] you can modify your Chitika code to include specific keywords or specific products! Just think of all the hot topics there are and the keywords that go with them…Xbox 360, Blackberry, Sony Plasma television, Garmin GPS, iPod Accessory, Windows pocket pc. All you need to do is go to the main Chitika website and use the typical Chitika ad you see on the Chitika home page. Use the search function to type in those keywords you are thinking about using and see what product pops up. Testing is very important here to ensure there is a specific product you can call up, otherwise the ad engine will have to throw in some random gadget that might not fit your content.
Imagine the possibilities! With Chitika eMiniMalls you can be very specific as to the type of product you call up and be sure it fits in with the content of your page.
And here is where Chitika eMiniMalls can really shine. You actually can create small cyberspace mini malls that are product specific to each website or even each page within a website. The tabs on each Chitika ad can give your visitors the opportunity to find product descriptions, best deals, product ratings and even reviews on items they are shopping for. As your visitors comparison shop -and click on the ads- you get paid!
Chitika eMiniMalls should work especially well on product based websites and Blogs. You can even use Chitika along with Adsense on your site or blog but make sure you understand what Google requires of you. eMiniMalls default mode is contextual based like Adsense – the ads are based on the content of your site – but you have to use the keywords with Chitika eMiniMalls and not the default mode in order to continue to use them with Adsense. Keep up to date with the requirements of each program and you should be fine.
With 1000 channels to monitor your ads and the opportunity to fine tune the ads to fit your page content by yourself rather than relying on the internal ad engine, Chitika gives you some very interesting ways to control your own destiney -at least in cyberspace!
If you want to make some money online, give Chitika eMiniMalls a try.

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