Tips to Effective Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Advertising is no miracle worker; this is pure work and vigilance. You need to build your way up to the top before you can reap the success of your endeavor. But once you got it, you will be able to enjoy a success in business you only wish to have before. However, before you start imagining, you need to know some basic tips as to how to advertise at Facebook effectively.
Set goals, be organized and follow your schedule. These three are very important. If you must, you have to write your goal for a month, set schedule for what you need to do each week to achieve this goal. The only way to do this is if you are organized and keep tabs on your marketing activities.
Let us say you want to meet these four goals of promoting one of your products, drive traffic to your website, aim for around 300 fans each week or generate sales. You have to write these down. Next, you set actions to accomplish for a day, week or month depending on your target goal. The following example can be your action for a day or a week. It could be that you want to set your wall with links for people in your group to click or simply maximize the Like button and have people click it. It could also be that you want to promote a page post, set time to engage with your fans or rack your data for increase of active users, impressions, comments and likes. Be sure you set schedule for each action and strictly followed.
Find tips on how to improve your ads. Copy writing is good, quality content is required but all these will be useless if your ad cannot catch your client’s eyes. Some things you need to do to improve your ads include not overdoing a copy. As it goes, less is good at times. Don’t overdo your images as well, and just use something simple with catchy colors. Find what images that can catch attention. It is said from some customer studies that images of colorful logos, happy women and headshots catches attention.
Test your ads creativity. Facebook advertising is all about testing and more test. Use the strategy of on/off. This is done by switching one ad to another at an interval given different period of time. You have to test which titles, images, headlines and offer work at a certain time and at a certain demographic. So test your creativity at all times.
Target your network and identify your demographic size. Target your friends then target your friends’ friends and their friends as well. Most often, if someone sees a friend liking something, in this case your product, then he or she will follow suit.
You can narrow or expand your leads. It is best to narrow your leads by locations, interest and demographic. If you are a wedding planner, you would like to cater to those around your area. You wouldn’t want to travel so far just to prepare a wedding. You also need to pinpoint which gender are more interested in planning weddings and at what age, relationship status and the likes are most probably engaged or with friends and family who are engaged. However, know that narrowing a market or expanding it cost the same so you need to consider expansion once in a while.
The power of bidding high. Yes, the reason why Facebook advertising is good is because it is affordable. But if you want to have a higher chance of having our ads approved, bid higher, be persistent and don’t scrimp during ad approval process.

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