The Shocking 100 Million Dollars Secret Marketing Book That Few People Know About

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Why Your Website Is Not Making Money And How To Turn It Around: Learn This Unique Nitty Gritty, High Octane Marketing “Secret” From A Little Known Guy Who Made 100 Million Dollars In 2 Yrs By The Age Of 28….
Send a floodgate of traffics to your website and explode your sales.
Hundreds of millions of people have websites today that are not making any money for them.
They have tried many different types of promotions such as search engine optimization and promotion, banner ads, ffa ads, e-mail marketing, linking, e-zine ads but failed.
Are you one of these people?
Do you have a website? Are you promoting any product, program or service?
Have you tried various types of promotion and you’re yet to get rich from promoting your product or services?
If you answer yes, cheer up because at last, you may now have the ultimate solution to your marketing problem.
The one problem that all website owners or marketers have in common is the difficulty in locating the people who are interested in buying their products, programs and services.
By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll discover how I stumbled unto a powerful book that has a solution to this serious marketing problem.
5 years ago, I stumbled to a very powerful secret way to make money, known to only millionaires and billionaires.
After testing it, I created a program from it and called it “Mscsrrr: the millionaire secret cash system, generate $1500 weekly for life”.
You may have seen one of my websites on the internet.
I was so excited by this powerful money making “secret” that I decided to make it available to the public to help others.
But after setting up a website to promote it, I was hit by the harsh reality of internet promotion.
I was getting zero traffic! No traffic, no sales. I was not a huge success in all the internet promotions that I tried: search engine optimization and promotion, banner ads, ffa ads, e-mail marketing, linking, e-zine ads and others.
I was making sales but not enough to get rich from! What I mean by rich is generating $100,000-$1,000,000 in sales.
For this reason, I embarked on a 1 yr research on internet marketing.
You may have seen any of the several hundreds of my articles on internet marketing, online promotion, website promotion, online marketing and website sales posted at hundreds of thousands of websites all over the internet.
A week a go, I had some free time, so I decided to continue to do this internet marketing, online promotion, website promotion, online marketing and website sales research.
That was when I stumbled unto the most powerful marketing “secret” I have ever known during the past 20 yrs.
I discovered a little known guy (VJ) who used this insiders’ ultimate marketing weapon to rake in 100 million dollars in 2yrs by the age of 28 yrs.
Not only has this guy (VJ) made 100 million dollars with this exciting powerful “secret”, but he is crazy enough to share this sizzling hot “secret” with the rest of the world.
After reading his letter, I could not eat or drink or sleep until I blasted my order out to him.
Within 3 days, he rushed this heavy package containing his book to me. It is as big as the telephone book, very neat, very impressive, very well written, concise, to the point and over flowing with fantastic secrets on how he used this ultimate marketing “secret” to create 100 million dollars fortune in 2 yrs.
Yes, you guessed right. I had to drop everything I was doing to devour this book.
Usually it takes me forever to read a small book.
But in 2 hrs, I surprised myself by how fast I devoured this 310 page book brimming with the most fantastic secret marketing information I have ever been lucky to find anywhere.
There are many people who claim to be internet marketing guru (sorry, I will not name names) or offline marketing gurus. They are full of talk. Talk, talk.
And little to show for it.
And they invite you to their seminars and try to charge you $1000, $2000 or even $5000. Most of them are full of fluff. Very cheesy. I know all of them and may be you do too.
I don’t know any of them who have personally made 100 million dollars with his/her marketing secrets by the age of 28!
(Another Bill Gates in the making? )
I have never thought it wise to pay them $5000 no matter what internet marketing secret they may have. Perhaps I have been a fool. Or may be not.
However, what I can tell you is that, at last, I have found a guy who not only talks the talk, but has walked the walk and made 100 million dollars as proof that he knows what he is talking about.
What other proof do you need? (As for me, 100 million dollars proof is good enough for me. )
This is the kind of money that gets my juice flowing real fast.
What about you?
To illustrate to you the power and the genius of the writer, VJ, the creator of this ultimate marketing “secret”, here is an excerpt of his letter, in his own words:
“No matter how hard I tried, it always seemed like I wasn’t going to amount to anything real important in life. And this really sucked because I had a passion for the finer things. I wanted the gold Rolex, the sporty Mercedes, and the Million-Dollar Mega Mansion!
But when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t like what I saw. I was convinced the good life I wanted was just a dream.
But that was all about to change. Seriously- by the time I was 19, I had a brand-new Corvette. At 20, I had 2 brand-new Mercedes Benz automobiles. And at 21, I was the proud owner of a Rolls Royce Silver Spur!
By the time I turned 28… I made over $100 Million in gross sales. I profited over $50 Million. I owned two homes- one of them was 14,000 square feet and had a seven-car garage, a billiards room and a resort-style pool with an underwater bar! And I paid cash for the home!
In my garage, I had a red Lamborghini Diablo, a yellow Ferrari 360 Spider, a white Bentley Arnage Red Label, about 4 Mercedes, and a 12-passenger Lincoln Town Car Limo!
My checking account had over $10 Million in it. I was earning $400,000 in pay each and every week. That breaks down to $80,000 a day… or $10,000 an hour! And those figures were if I worked 5 days a week for eight hours a day, which I didn’t!
In the year 2002, I made more money than the CEOs of Federal Express… eBay…… Time Warner… Apple Computer… McDonalds… Microsoft… Nike… Yahoo… Ford Motor Company… General Motors… and Goodyear Tire- COMBINED!
In the May 12th, 2003 issue, Forbes Magazine listed their top paid 500 CEOs in America. Of their prominent and prestigious list of the 500 CEOs, I made more money than 483 of them.
$17,549,000 MORE than the CEO of Starbucks.
$13,030,000 MORE than the CEO of Target.
$17,225,000 MORE than the CEO of Motorola.
Now, this may all seem like I’m some rich (&zxc$3@) bragging about how rich I am… and you’re partly correct. I am bragging! But more importantly, the reason why I’m telling you about all this is that this course is about getting rich very quickly. If the talk of obscene money makes you feel uncomfortable, or even angers you, maybe you do not really want to be rich.
The reason why I’m telling you about all the toys I had when I was just 28, is to prove to you that if a guy like me… with a learning disability… a bad childhood… and no formal education can get filthy rich by the time I was 28… you can absolutely follow in my footsteps and build yourself your very own empire of wealth!”
Even Gary Halbert says, “……believe it or not, much of this information is so electrifying; it was unknown even to me. “
Gary Halbert is recognized all over the world as America’s numero uno marketing authority.
Can you imagine Gary admitting in writing that VJ’s book and marketing power secrets are electrifying to him? I need not say more.
So, if you’re tired of having websites that are not making any money or tired of making nickels and dimes and tired of all the lousy promotional secrets from the so called internet gurus (that don’t work), and you’re finally ready to turn over a new leaf and get serious about creating real wealth from whatever products, programs or services you currently promote, may be you should consider finding out more about VJ’s super secret marketing book, the ultimate sales generator and marketing engine.
In this unique powerful book, VJ has been very kind to reveal so many dynamic marketing secrets he used (never before revealed in one book) : the products he sold to make 100 million dollars in 2 yrs, how he promoted it, when he promoted it and how you can duplicate his success.
Do you have a website? Do you sell any product, program or service? Would you like to know the exact “secrets” on how to find hundreds of thousands and even millions of buyers for your products and services?
Would you like to get your paws on how to market any product to hundreds of thousands and even millions of people who really need them?
If you answer yes, rejoice because VJ’s book has the ultimate “secret”.
If you know the “secret” on how to locate hundreds of thousands and even millions of people who are hungry and thirsty for your products and services, you can generate millions of dollars easily and get rich, like VJ!
If after reading this revealing article you don’t hear about me again for the next 1-5 yrs, you should be able to guess why.
Excuse me, I have just decided to take VJ’s book and powerful “secret” and create a billion dollar empire.
So, I am going to be very busy!
Forbes 400 billionaire’s list 2010, here I come.
How about you?
Please feel free to copy and use this article at your website, e-zine or e-mail it to your friends and please retain the author’s resource box below.
Thank you.
Hasta la vista baby.
I-key Benney, CEO

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