Testing Your Ezine

As Ezines are very popular these days you should know a few things about how an Ezine is seen by other people.

Today I’ll talk to you about tests that you should do just to make sure that your newsletter is received properly by your audience. An internet newsletter is very much like a brochure. It sends out important information and content. But unlike a printed brochure an internet newsletter ca be seen in different ways because of different screen resolutions or internet browsers. So before you start sending your Ezine you should do a technical test and also test the way your audience receives the message.

Every computer out there has an internet browser but not all use the same one. This is something you should consider. A website that looks good on Opera doesn’t mean necessarily that it will look the same on Internet Explorer. You should test this because you cannot afford your newsletter to look bad on different computers. You should test your Ezine on different browsers and on different screen resolutions.

Trying it on different computers if you don’t work in a large office, and you prefer to work from home. But you can always ask some friends to let you test it. Also another thing you might do, but is more time consuming, is to download different internet browsers and installing them on your computer. Also you might like to change your video settings to see how your Ezine looks on different resolutions.

The next test you should do is very much like a survey. You should send your newsletter to a bunch of people and ask them for their opinion on it. What did they think about the layout, did they like the photos you used, did they want to find more by visiting your website. You should also check if your message reached them without trouble. Once you find out these things you can move ahead and start publishing your Ezine. The truth is there is no point in you starting your newsletter if you won’t get people to read it and make them come and visit your website. After all that is the main purpose of a newsletter!

You might say I’m going over the top for a simple newsletter. But if you test all these things and you get it right then you can be sure that your newsletter has the best chances of becoming successful. Besides once you do all the testing you won’t have to go back and do them again. If you make any changes to the layout of your Ezine then it would be advisable that you test it again on different browsers but otherwise it should all work just fine. Another good idea would be to have somebody else read the newsletter before you send it out, this way you make sure no errors are overlooked.

In order to be sure that the response you get from your readers is positive and the technical features of your newsletter are good, testing is mandatory. Testing your newsletter before you send it brings it one step closer to success.

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