Tai Chi Shoes

Summary: Get your Tai Chi shoes to complement your training… or just look cool.

In most cases, what you wear is enough to do Tai Chi. And of course for obvious reasons, some clothing are real awkward to wear during a Tai Chi session. But by large it is still a personal choice. After all, ancient Chinese warriors don’t prepare their clothes to do serious fighting, since fighting comes off the cuff. If it helps wearing your parka during Tai Chi sessions, by means go ahead. Maybe the added weight will give more quality to your exercise.

Tai Chi shoes came with the advent of Tai Chi into the world. While not as marketable as the art, Tai Chi shoes found a steadily increasing number of wearers who actually practice Tai Chi and those who think Jackie Chan is cool. Tai Chi enthusiast recommends getting Tai Chi shoes to complement Tai Chi sessions. Elderly Tai Chi practitioners get Tai Chi shoes because they are flat, comfortable shoes. Likewise hippies get Tai Chi shoes to complement their parkas.

Tai Chi shoes are soft cloth shoes with rubber or cotton soles, depending on the maker.
The women’s style Tai Chi shoes have a strap to securely hold the shoe, the men’s style has none. It is very light and flexible.

There are several online shops selling these cool Tai chi shoes. Hi-Qua offers a Baiky Tai Chi shoes for 12$. Click on this link to go directly to the page: www.hiquasports.com/taichi/shoes.htm

Tai Chi Finder also has various items on the catalog to complement every Tai Chi practice. They offer Tai Chi T-shirts, Tai Chi trousers Tai Chi suits and the all-cool Tai Chi shoes! The price for the Tai Chi shoes is 25£. The address is www.taichifinder.co.uk/allprods.php

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