Neon Car Lights, What The Kits Include And What To Look Out For When Purchasing

When purchasing Neon Car Lights for your most loved vehicle, there are a few things that you need to be aware of so that you don’t get burn and end up with less then what you started with. I’m mainly talking about the quality of the lights and where you got them from.
A lot of the Big manufactures of neon car lights like Plasmaglow, Streetglow and Liteglow are the only brands that I would recommend when it come to choosing your lights. By purchasing from one of these makers you can be assured of quality parts and performance, and not to mention getting everything in the kits that is required to do the installation. Yes, some cheaper makers of these car lighting accessories do not give you everything that is needed in the kits, so be aware of this, or else it will end up costing you more to get the extra bits required.
And one other thing that stands true when you buy car neon lights, and that is “you only get what you pay for”, meaning if it cost you much less to buy the lights then what it would from one of the big brand name’s such as PlasmaGlow, then your only going to get a product that will last for a short time. Think Quality first, then you won’t have to re-install another kit for some time, and you’ll save money in the long run too, cause believe me, it takes a full day for a beginner to install neon under car lights the first time, so you don’t want to be doing that too often either.
In regards to all the websites out there that are dealers of neon car lights from some of the big brand name manufacturers, unfortunately are not all fully legit with the running of their business. When i say this, i mean that they DO sell GOOD products (their products may even be from big brand name Makers) and they will happily take your money, but a minority of them won’t even send you the product! I have had customers come to me with the “upmost caution” and all guns blazing when buying lights from our online store, because the last dealer they got them from did not even send them their products, and on top of that, they would not answer any support emails or phone calls from these people, so they lost their money. So the lesson here is, be sure that the website owner you’re buying the neon lights from is reputable and has FULL Company & contact details displayed on their website should things turn bad.
Our team of dedicated Market & Product Researcher’s from, have spent an enormous amount of time & money installing neon car lights from a variety of manufacturers, and as a result after all this testing, we only recommend the brand names above for quality neon car lighting kits. We also found after this extensive testing was carried out, that PlasmaGlow had the best, all round car lighting products on the market today, outlasting and out-performing other products in every aspect.
So when it’s time for you to actually purchase your Neon Car Lights, make sure you ask the dealer these three questions to prevent you from getting burnt…
1) Does the kit come with all the necessary installation hardware, components and instructions?
2) Does the kit come with a Lifetime Warranty like PlasmaGlow offers for example? And will they ship products for free during a warranty claim? Ask this in case you get your lights and they are not working due to a factory fault, and…
3) Who are the manufacturers of the light kits? If the kit is not a big brand name maker, but has a Warranty with it and all components in the kit, then this could be a quality kit to purchase, but that is something your going to have decide and take a chance on.
Finally, if your purchasing neon car lights online, be sure to check that the dealer has their FULL contact details listed on their website so you can contact them by phone to ensure their validity.
Hopefully this Article has inspired you to take your time when choosing your car lighting accessories, and it has made you aware of what to look out for when buying them. What ever this article has done for you, just be sure to have a good one, and enjoy your neon car lights at all times.

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