Market Testing: The Key to Advertising Success

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Market testing is the key to increasing the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. If you’re like me, just the word testing makes your shoulders slump and a groan escape your lips. Hey, it’s really not that bad… especially when you notice the substantial increase in your bank account!

Think about it… how much profit is your advertising campaign producing? Which marketing material is providing the greatest revenue? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you’re gambling with your advertising money!

Cut Out Risks And Rake In More Profits
Wouldn’t it be great to be in total control of your business profits? Yeah, knowing that the simple act of putting a set of postcards in the mail with this week’s offer is going to net a 20% increase in sales feels great. The key to being in command of your financial future is effective and continual testing.

Break down your marketing products, and choose one of these aspects to experiment with:
* The offer
* Advertisment Copy
* Web page Design
* Sales Letter Wording
* Advertising Mediums
* Mailing Lists
* Product Guarantees
* Combination Offers

A word of caution: test only one aspect at a time if you want to be sure what is causing the success or failure of the ad.

Tracking each variation and the results it produces will increase your market knowledge. Incorporate your new knowledge into your marketins strategy, and then go one to test another aspect listed above.

I like to make a start by simply changing the headline on my Websites or sales letter before making any changes to the body of content. It’s amazing to discover the powerful impact a headline has on the consumer. You’ll also get a better idea of how to change the main content when you know what attract the reader’s initial interest!

Okay, for those of you who don’t have the time to invest in constant testing… here’s a rule of that will still get you a higher profit margin without stealing your valuable time. It’s the 80/20 principal. Keep 80 percent of your advertising in its current form, but take 20 percent of your advertising budget and dedicate to experimenting with advertising methods. Hey, it’s not the most profitable, but you’re still sure to see an increase in sales and gain valuable market savvy in the process.

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