Life And Death Aspects Of Your Website

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The Web hosting company you choose for your business is the most
critical aspect as to whether your business thrives or dies!
First thing you’ll need to start a business on the Internet is choosing
a name for your website.
Then you’ll need to find a reliable hosting
service to make the website live. Choosing your web page hosting company
will be the most important decision you make for your business.
The reason I say this is, if the server your website resides on is
down, more than up, your business might as well not even exist. Not only
will you lose revenue because of the loss of sales, if the search engine
bots visit your website and cannot find your pages you may be dropped from
their index. This doesn’t happen the first time, but after repeated tries
to your site it could very well happen. So any free traffic that you may
be receiving from the search engines up to this point will be gone.
Website Hosting Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive
Running your website doesn’t have to be expensive. Most reliable hosts
will offer you their services for $8-$20 per month. If your looking for
something cheaper than that, of course you can find it, but the service
you receive may not be the best. You know the old saying: “you get what
you pay for”…
One of the things you might want to do is visit the hosting review
sites for tips on good hosting companies.
Take A Test Drive for Evaluation
I feel customer service is critical, and I mean the #1 consideration
for choosing a hosting service, I recommend you take them for a test ride.
Send an email to their customer service department or go to their website
and submit a contact us form. See how long it takes to get a response and
what quality of response each company gives you. Some smaller companies
that work more one-on-one with their customers may go the extra mile for
you. It is these types of web page hosting companies that become your
“jewel” in the haystack. Once you find them you’ll never let them go.
Some things to remember when looking for a hosting company:
1) Does the company offer educational tutorials on their website to
assist you in growing your business?
2) Do you have access to software that allows you to build pages
without knowing html?
3) What about a membership area that provides additional resources for
learning to market your website? There is a learning curve for making a
website profitable so ebooks, videos, and audios make a great addition to
the web hosting package.
4) Do they offer a Price Freeze Guarantee? This ensures that your
hosting price will stay the same even if the web hosting prices go up in
the future.
5) How long as the hosting company been in business? This is one of the
greatest fears talked about on the hosting forums, in that the hosting
company goes belly up and leaves you high and dry. (mind you with no
warning) Be sure to look for companies that have been around for at least
2 years.
To your success!

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