Is Completing Software Development Projects Right for you?

If you have the ability to work on software development you may be thinking about offering your skills independently.
This would mean you would take on jobs for various businesses based upon their needs. You can advertise your skills on your own website or you can bid on available projects through other websites out there. Regardless of which way you want to go you need to ask yourself if completing software development projects is right for you.

While they money can be very good with such work, keep in mind that you likely won’t get paid as much as someone with a company. That is because the reason why businesses turn to freelancers is to save money. They want to pay less but get the same quality of software in return. They also want to avoid expenses related to paying employee benefits as well. So if you are determined to make as much money as you would working for someone else this avenue isn’t going to be a good match for you.

So how much should you be charging for your work? That is something you need to calculate very carefully. You certainly don’t want to be taken advantage of. Factor in the complexity of the work, how many hours you think it will take you to complete, and how much time you should reasonably anticipate for working out any bugs. Then you can add in costs for your overhead expenses and your level of skills.

You may need to do some independent research so you can find out what the going rate for such work is. A good way to do this is to go to websites where people bid on various types of software programs that are needed. Many of them list the maximum the buyer is willing to pay. If you get outbid click on the final award of the project to find out how much the winner bid on it.

You definitely need to be up to the challenge as you are going to have an array of different work to take care of. If you are easily frustrated when things don’t go well then freelancing in the area of software development isn’t going to be something you enjoy. If you get stressed out working with deadlines you won’t like it either.

You have to be prepared for a final deadline on the completed software to be developed. You also need to be prepared to commit to regular intervals along the way for testing to be completed on what materials you have done so far. How are your communication skills? Are you going to be able to rely information effectively to the buyer about what is going on? Likewise, are you going to be willing to ask questions to ensure you are doing the right type of development on the software?

If you do find that completing software development projects as a freelancer will be good for you then give it a try. There is plenty of demand out there for it so don’t worry about being able to find work. In fact, you may find you have to turn away more work than you take on. The good side to that is you get to chose those projects you really want to take part in. You can pass up the rest of them without giving it a second thought.

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