Internet Myths Exposed

The last 10 years we have been overwhelmed by the get-rich-quick schemes on the internet. The variety is huge but they do have some common principles. They promise you less or no effort and spend nothing and gain gazillion dollars in a month.

Myth 1: Buy this “Super Magic” software and you will become an internet millionaire overnight.

Although there are great software titles out there that can automate your business, there is no such a thing like Magic software that does everything. You can find software saving you time or even money but you will never find software doing everything.

Myth 2: I make 35.000$ per month!

It’s true, people who make that income exist and maybe more. But what they don’t tell you is how much they spend in order to make those amounts of money. Don’t believe anyone of them, promise you that by spending 10$ you will achieve those numbers. A good example is Google Adwords.

You see those sales letters and the photos with proof of making 600$ per day? Did they also show you the advertising costs? Sure, spending 1000$ per day on Adwords, with careful planning, can make 1600 per day. The tiny detail is this: can you afford spending 1000$ per day (30.000$ per month)?

Myth 3: Become Rich with other people’s efforts.

This refers to MLM and similar techniques. You shouldn’t contemn multilevel marketing completely. There are serious MLM companies that have been expanded on that way. Some universities also teach MLM. But when someone promises the earth by making downlines only and not focusing on the products and how to market them, stay away.

Do you honestly believe that you will find 3 business partners becoming your downline and each one of them will bring a thousand referrals with you doing nothing? It will Not Happen.

Myth 4: Work only 10 minutes per day!

I wish this could be real. We should believe in the saying “work smarter not harder” but there is huge misunderstanding on that. Even the most successful online entrepreneurs , before they reach the ideal lifestyle working few hours per day, they came across the path of working endless hours , spending & loosing money , testing & retesting , failing . There is no shortcut to this. PERIOD.

Myth 5: I make 50.000$ per month. Buy my 19.95$ “Super Magic Secret E-book”

Isn’t that obvious? Doesn’t it ring the bell? If you had that “50.000$ Super Secret” would you share it with the whole internet world and actually charge it so cheap? Get Real. It’s 100% certain that you will find the same recycled information with other 500 similar resources.

Myth 6: Buy 5.000.000 email addresses CD. Only 99$!

Be Careful. This is SPAM. Have no doubt about it. Don’t even think of purchasing this. Those emails have been extracted without the email owners consent. You will not make a dime and you will loose your website & internet connection and maybe more with the new strict antispam laws.

Myth 7: Sign to 50 Auto Hits Generation websites and Get 20.000 visitors per day.

There is another saying for that: “Garbage in – Garbage out”. Think for a while, if you are using this web traffic generation method what stops other webmasters do the same? You will not watch at the sites automatically reloaded and obviously you will be doing something else during that time.

So, you think you are the only one who thought about that? No you are not.

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