The basic meaning of a responsive web design is that your website and its contents must remain same no matter on what device it is being accessed.

You cannot afford to create different websites for different devices hence the only option for you is to develop such a website design that is compatible with all the modern technological devices.

There are various ways through which a responsive web design can be created.

The responsive web design is now a common trend and almost all the major websites are composed of responsive designs at the moment.

The Importance of Responsive Web design

Apart from compatibility there are several other reasons as well which have made the responsive web design very important nowadays.

In this article we will briefly discuss some of the things which add to the importance of responsive web design. These things are as follows

  • Mobile Usage: The first thing which we have listed as far as the importance of responsive web design is concerned is mobile usage. Since the use of mobile and other such devices has enhanced nowadays hence a responsive web design becomes pretty important. There are some theories already in the market which are limiting the use of computers in the future.
  • Google: The Google is a popular brand name as far as search engines are concerned and according to one statistic Google had a market share of 67% back in the year 2013. Google also recommends the responsive web design for mobile configuration. A thing recommended by Google certainlyholds importance.
  • Experience:  A responsive web design contributes towards better user experience. Since your design is well crafted hence people do not face any difficulty while opening your website on other devices like mobile phones. They do not have to zoom and shrink the website.
  • Management: The responsive web design contributes towards the easier management of website. This management can be best understood from the SEO point of view. SEO itself is a specialized task imagine if you had two websites one for mobile and one for computers, would management of two websites easier for you? Well the answer is certainly no.
  • Beat the competition: Though the trend of responsive web design has gained a lot of popularity in the market however there are still chances that your current competitors may not have thought about, hence having such a design can surely provide you a competitive edge.

According to one research 85% of the people believe that a mobile website should be as good as that of a computer.

You can also develop a responsive web design on your own however for that you need to use effective and efficient tools.

Moreover the process is pretty hectic and hence it is always a suitable option to go for a specialist in this regard.

A web designing company can certainly help you in this regard as they have the professional expertise as well as experience in this field.

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