How to Website Branding using Brand Page and Increase Credibility and Revenue?

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There are so much information online, so much duplicate content, and so many misguiding people who want to offer some old irrelevant information just to sale their products.

There are so many companies, so many products, so many brands, people can not remember those brands or services in their mind but suddenly when they see some brands, they just remember that I have seen this company, product or brand already before.

That’s the reason why various browsers like internet explorer and others have created a functionality called bookmark or favorite to let visitors add their favorite websites in a their browser so that when they want to buy from a specific site or want to visit that specific website instead of searching the product in garbage of irrelevant content and information in thousands of web sites on internet, they can just click on specific website in their bookmark/favorite list.

These customized links for them (bookmark/favorite), will help them to save their time which should be utilize for useful purpose. Now all search engines also tries their best to save the searching time of web users. But Spam (Search Spam) stops net community/ web users to save time.

How the brand page will help brand marketers, brand managers, website marketers, internet marketers, website promotion specialists, etc…?

Ask any marketing or branding expert about the success of their brand?

The first answer will be “visibility”. This means that more a brand/product/company image will be visible or seen by the people, more the company will increase credibility. And increase in credibility results in increase in revenue, profit and brand value. People will start referring others and company will gain more visitors/prospects to serve and monetize.

When a brand page is developed for any company logo or brand and installed at their website, it can be visible 83+ locations at different places in different web (internet) browser software like internet explorer, firefox etc.

The free technical report showing possible positions where brand page can be displayed can be obtained from (a website of ProactiveLab, pronounced as Proactive Lab) following a special link on homepage.

There is a audio description as well on website homepage which can be listened by play, pause and stop audio button. Just click on play button to listen the description about brand page. This audio button service which let website talk to prospects / customers using play, pause and stop button is provided by brand voice, a service from Proactive Lab).

This technical report is based on testing in march 2006 which is tested on 96.73% of internet browser software [ internet explorer (85.03%), firefox (9.75%), netscape (1.05%), opera (0.53%), mozilla ( 0.37%), aol explorer ( not included in % ) ].

The brand page was displayed at different locations depending on internet/web browser software in internet explorer, firefox, netscape, opera, mozilla, aol exploer.

This technical testing report will also show the screenshots where brand page has been displayed and could be a great visibility bonus for website marketers and brand managers to build an online brand or utilize internet medium to increase brand visibility. also help websites owners who want to implement the brand page for their website to increase credibility and brand awareness of their website. will also provide free custom made google toolbar button which is developed using your brand image / logo etc.

Once the google toolbar button is installed in visitors browser software by visitor by simple click, visitors will see your brand image/logo as custom button in their google toolbar, each time they open their browser software which also increase credibility of a web site and show professionalism. will not only just develop the brand page for your website but also provide free google toolbar button, conduct two technical testing and provide free technical testing report as support after sales of service and 30 days money back guarantee makes you risk free. Free web page integration guide is another attraction to get brand page.

The Brand Page is so cost effective web site promotion which you really should have no excuse for not implementing it straight away.

I highly recommend Brand Page to increase credibility of a website.

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