How to Select a Search Engine Optimization Company

A Search engine optimization company works on watching and optimizing the position of your search engine results. They can be a great asset to your company by providing their knowledge and expertise in this area. Before you hire a company, it’s crucial to know what to look for.
One factor is the company’s way of raising the popularity of your search engines. Any company that uses cloaked, doorway or bridge pages should not be used. This could lead to your website being removed from the index, or at least harshly fined as it greatly goes against most policies. A cloaked page is what it sounds like – a hidden page that comes up when a search engine spider finds it. A search engine spider is a program that detects and indexes pages on a search engine. If it finds the information it is looking for – legitimately or illegitimately – the pages ratings are boosted. Doorway and bridge pages are similar, but they are usually on a different server that sends visitors to one page and the spider to another.
Doorway or bridge pages are similar, but are found on a separate server. A cloaked page is one that is hidden from visitors to your site, and will recognize a search engine spider – a program that recognizes and indexes web pages. The spider goes to the hidden page, reading the information it needs and then falsely raising the position of the search engine. Companies like Google – one of the biggest search engines there is – removes any website from its index if they find out that cloaked pages are being used.
You need a written guarantee that the company will not work with other competitors, as occasionally some will sell their services to others based on the effectiveness of your optimization. This will only undermine the success of your campaign.
The most important thing to consider is the company’s past. Check into their answers to verify their results. Get specific – which search engines have they optimized effectively? Get a report from previous clients. It should show good search engine positions on popular search engines with a variety of keywords. Another place to check is This rates the effectiveness of keywords on search engines, which is useful because the popularity can change depending on where you look on the Internet.
Let’s face it – money is always a consideration. In this case it looking for a bargain shouldn’t be the reason you choose a company. If your company doesn’t have the funds, you should give it some time. It can sometimes be possible to find a more affordable company by looking at newer businesses, but get references from them too! Don’t assume that it will be okay and jump in.
Contact any references you are given, and don’t take on any company that makes an excuse about giving them out. Think of some questions ahead of time, and ask the previous clients about their reliability, dealings and overall experience. You can even ask about the changes they were advised to make to the site, and if these affected visitors to the site or profitability of the company. Remember – this is an integral part of your business, and choosing a company that’s going to raise your search engine status and ultimately your profits is an important decision.
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