How To Find The Right Web Design Company For Your Business

It’s amazing how many people out there are a jack-of-all-trades. I was speaking to someone the other day about their business, and we entered the domain of websites and how to build a successful site. They confidently stated that a ‘friend of theirs’ will help them put their business online as they preferred to go the cheap option at this stage, and that there friend was very talented on the computer. I expect to hear from them in a few months.

Why? Since when was web design so easy that anyone can do it? Why are some people paying tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop their site and others think they can get away with developing a site for a hundred dollars and get similar results? I’ll guarantee you that the major companies who invest time and money into the web are not stupid.

I can usually tell who has a very good chance of making their website a success. They understand that their website is a constant testing ground, trying new headlines, offers and articles, helping their clients to achieve business goals. Or maybe its an internal website designed to manage members of the organization and the information flow between them. Point being, they know why they’ve built it, who’s using it and how they can make it better.

So that is the first key to selecting a Successful Web Design Company – do they understand that your website is designed to meet the objectives of your business and your clients. Do they understand its not just a promotion tool for the front page of their website. You see, I have worked with many designers, and they do get very particular about their design. Change it and all hell breaks loose. But in the world of the internet, we can measure to the nth degree whether the design is successful and this means the first design may need tweaking, or god forbid a complete work-over. You must have a web design company who can assist with your testing, and suggest practical changes that will assist your business.

One other pre-requisite to finding the right Web Design Company is obviously their portfolio. Do they have a list of websites that they have worked on across a range of industries. Can they adapt to your business and build a site that communicates your brand. I must stress here though, it is easy for all of us to get swept away by fantastic design, even though the website itself might be doing nothing for the business itself. That is why testing and flexibility is so important to your business.

Now, I could go into the technical details of what else is absolutely essential when building a website, but that is for another time. In future articles I’ll build for you a checklist of what you need to know to find the perfect web design company for you.

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