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If you want your website listed at the top of the major search engines fast and for FREE! – Read on…
Yes you read the headline correctly and when I tell you how I did it, you will kick yourself, it is so simple.
There are many millions of websites as we all know and the aim of most is to make money for the owners. The way to the money is obviously to get your site in front of the maximum number of potential buyers of your products as possible. However, many of those who have tried know only too well it’s not as easy as it sounds.
One of the problems with even getting started, is that there is almost too much information. Now, I know that sounds odd, I mean how can that be a problem? Perhaps I should say, the huge abundance of information can be confusing.
If you are new the internet, I’m sure you will have been here, eyes glazed over, hunch backed over the keyboard, (how many of you just straightened up!) Hand wizzing the mouse around, clicking everywhere, surfing among the sharks waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting newbies. Millions of pop ups and adverts – ‘increase traffic, free adverts here, submit your site to every search engine on the planet instantly with one click’ etc, etc… too much confusion and information overload!
So what do you do? Well, one thing I would say is, don’t let all the hype and flashing signs confuse you so much you just want to give up. I understand that sometimes it’s a whole maze of flash, banners, pop ups, jazzy graphics and signs. A bit like a mini Las Vegas, but in spite of it all there is a very simple way to get started.
If you have just started in this business, maybe you have just bought a domain name and not even got a website yet, this is going to be an eye opener. I’m sure many of you will have either managed to design a website yourself, or if not, have used one of the many companies who advertise online to do it for you. There are many options from very cheap to extremely expensive. I actually had my website made, fully set up and ready to go completely for free. I will tell you the way I got started later in this article.
However, don’t give up because it really can be well worth the little bit of effort in the begining. The wonderful thing about having a good well connected website, is that it’s always there working for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and no matter what you are doing, once it is established it can make you money – lot’s of it!
Okay so many of you reading will fall into four main categories.
You may have a website already and want to get plenty of visitors
You have a product or service that you want to sell and are thinking of getting a website to advertise it.
You don’t have a website at the moment, think you would like one, but even if you did you wouldn’t know how to make money with it.
You don’t have a website, don’t want one, but still want to make some money.
Well the good news is, no matter where you are above, I can give you some great information right now on what to do. Yes you read the last point correctly, you can make money on the internet, even if you don’t have a website! I will explain how to do that as well later.
If you already have a website, fantastic and welcome to the club! Those of you newbie night owls who have recently started your websites, take a break now, yes you need it, get up from your chair, rub your eyes, have a good stretch… argh! Grab a drink and come back in 5 minutes and all will be revealed – I’ll still be here!
Okay here goes… We all know that one of the best ways to get hits on our sites is to get the highest possible ranking on the search engines. This has to be one of the cheapest as well, because once there and highly ranked, you know you will be receiving plenty of traffic and can relax, the cost is zero and the orders should roll in.
So how can you do that?
Obviously you need to have a good product but of course you know that. If your site is highly placed enough you could pretty much sell most things, but it’s better if you have a good product or service as well– you will find trying to sell life size maps of the world don’t sell too well, postage is high and folding them can be a nightmare!
You may or may not know that search engines like websites that have plenty of links pointing to them, the more links you have going to your site, the higher the rating you are likely to have with the search engine. So you need to try and get your website mentioned about on the internet as much as you can. In addition, you really want those other websites where your site is mentioned to be as high as possible on the search engines as well.
Something else worth pointing out is that although there are thousands of different search engines about, you’d be wise to concentrate your initial efforts on the most popular first. Why? Well think about it logically, which search engine springs to mind first for you? Will you go to or AltaVista, Yahoo, Google etc. If that’s what you think of first, that’s what most others will think as well.
The traditional way in which to get listed on a search engine is to submit your website and then wait for it to be approved and eventually one day, up it pops. How long it takes between doing a free submission and your site actually showing can be a matter of many months. So the traditional way is not going to normally give you instant results.
However, there is a great free and easy way to get submitted within a very short time. It took me just a few days to appear on the first page of Google and MSN and under a week to reach the number one spot on both. It’s basically like sneaking in the back door, jumping the queue to the front and then not paying either!
Now, before you think I am about to tell you some devious and illegal method, don’t worry, it’s perfectly acceptable and is being used all the time by the top internet players. Believe it or not how to do this is right in front of your eyes…
Have you got it yet? All you have to do is write a simple article and then submit it to an ezine. There are thousands and thousands of online magazines, just like the one you are reading now. Make sure the ezine is a popular one, and if possible is involved in some way with the subject matter of your article and website. Check it has a good number of readers and make sure it is listed on the top search engines in which you want to appear.
For example, my website address is: The article that took my site to the top of Google so quickly was called, Relaxed & Lucrative Living With Passive Profits. Try it now and you will see what I mean. Just go to Google and type in the words, passive profits. You will not need to put these in speech marks, just type them in alone and click on go. You will see that my article and website is shown at the number one spot out of a possible 500,000 sites where passive profits are mentioned. You see, ezines are always looking for new articles of interest to their readers. As long as you don’t expect to be paid and keep the content informative and clean, you will find they should be interested. Normally you will need to register with the ezine before you can submit. Sometimes the article will need to be proofed by the editor before it is actually published, this can take up to a couple of days or so. In other cases, once registered, you can simply write the article online, preview it and submit. Then Hey Presto! You are now a published writer!
Now the magic bit is that normally when you write an article, you have the opportunity to put a short biography about yourself. It can be as simple as your name, where you live in the world and perhaps a few words about what you do. This is where you can mention your website address and if you like, your e-mail too.
Once your article has been published, just sit back and wait. The search engines frequently send out their spiders to hunt through websites looking for new links. If you have your address on the ezine’s site, they should find it. Within a couple of weeks, do a search using some keywords and you should find that your article and website address will show up on the search engine. Do make sure that you use the words associated with your website are used in the article as well.
So get writing, you can win twice this way, once by people seeing your article and also by getting your website listed on the search engines as well – what have you got to lose?
There is also another fantastic way to get your site promoted and again it’s completely free if you want. This way does not submit you to search engines but can drive huge amounts of people to your site. There are many clever new ideas springing up all the time for marketing sites. This one is unique with a different twist to the normal. Even if you do not have a website you can make money with this. The website can be seen by going directly to: and as it is completely free, I thoroughly recommend you take a look.
I’ll come to those without a website in a moment but first, here is a little more information for those of you who already have a website. If you really want to add another dimension to your site and make lot of extra income, pretty much for doing very little, go to my website: and click on the Passive Income Programs link on the left.
For those of you who don’t have a website yet, and wondered how I managed to get a fully automated, money earning website set up for nothing, please also just visit my website and I will show you how you can have the same. If you don’t have a website or any ideas on how to make money, then you definitely want to take a look. You will find out how to get your website set up for free and also exactly how to make money with it. Everything will be explained.
Finally, I said that I could show you how to make money even if you do not have a website. It is in fact extremely simple, will cost you absolutely nothing if you don’t want it to, but will make you more money, more quickly if you are prepared to spend a little bit on it. My interests lie in making money passively. In other words, I am making money right now, even if I was asleep or sitting on some beach on holiday I would still be making money. Believe me, making a passive profit is great and really quite simple, and you could do the same.
I recommend that you have a website at some time. But if you don’t think you want one for the moment, think about what I said about writing articles. Then go to my website and look for the link on the left that says Passive Income Programs. There you will find programs that will give you your own personalised web page and pay you money just for pointing other people to it. You can do that for free by the article writing method. In addition, not only will you have people interested by reading your article, you will also have the benefit of finding your own special page listed on the search engines. So that’s it folks. I do hope the above has given you plenty of food for thought and I wish you the very best in your endeavours at making a new and passive income!

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