Google Adsense Sizes – The Types Of Adsense Ads

There are a variety of Google Adsense Sizes.
You can have banner ads or small squares. You can also have text links, video units, or search units. The size of your Google Adsense ad can impact how much money you make from it. Some publishers favor large rectangles while others place a single small square on their pages. Some opt for images while others want only text links. There are a whole variety of options. This article looks at Google Adsese sizes.

First, let’s look at the Google Adsense sizes for ad units. The 720 x 90 leaderboard is similar to the Banner ads that were so popular in the 2000 to 2002 (pre dot bomb) era. In fact, if you use this size and enable images, you may get an actual banner some of the time. Other horizontal Google Adsense sizes are 486 x 60 and 234 x 60 half banner.

Next, we’ll examine the vertical Google Adsense sizes. There are two towers – one is a 120 x 600 skyscraper and the other is a slightly thicker 160 x 600 skyscraper. In this category, you also get the 120 x 240 vertical banner.

Then, there are six kinds of squares. The largest is the 336 x 280 large rectangle. Many publishers have found this particular Google Adsense size’s ad to be their best performing. Other squares include the 300 x 250 medium rectangle, the 250 x 250 square, the 200 x 200 small square, 180 x 150 small rectangle and the 125 x 125 small square. The small sizes display only one ad. If you are going to use these and no other units, you may find that your clicks have a higher payout than average.

But don’t overlook the other Adsense properties in favor of the more traditional Adsense for Content units. For instance, there link units that come in six Google Adsense sizes and feature four or five links.

Additionally, there is a recently improved Adsense for Search ad feature. This allows you to place a Google search bar on your web site. If people click on that and then click on the ads on the page it generates, you get a fraction of the money.

There’s also Adsense for Feeds. If you have a feedburner account, it is easy to add ads to your RSS.

If you have domains just sitting around not being used, add Adsense for Domains to your parked sites and make money off of them.

You can place videos from Youtube on your site and make money from them using Adsense Video units.

Finally, if your website is set up so that mobile units can access them, placing Adsense for Mobile Content can bring you another revenue stream.

There are a variety of Google Adsense sizes and programs. Figuring out which ones will make you the most money is part of the job of every Adsense publisher. Don’t just try the one that “looks best” with your page. Keep in mind that testing various sizes is part and parcel of what internet marketers do. So, test all of the Google Adsense sizes.

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