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Free computer training can take many different shapes and forms.
The most common forms of free computer training usually include things like online forums, community classes, online resource bulletin boards, etc. However, there is a little-discussed option for free computer training that can boost your computer knowledge and make you one of the few, the proud, the people in the know about computers!

The method of free computer training we will discuss in this article is self-teaching. Now, obviously, in order to teach yourself something about computers (or any other subject for that matter) you must have access to some sort of reference material, right? While most new reference material will cost you an arm and a leg (especially in the computer field), there is a way around this! In order to get material for your free computer training, one area that is most overlooked is the used book store.

Now wait a minute, I can hear you saying, “That’s not free!” Ah, but when you get the right kind of used book store, it literally can be free! You see, there are many used bookstores that offer book exchanges, or in-store credit for books that you may bring in for them to have. They are, after all, in the business of selling used books. Get the idea? So, free computer training material can be found at either no cost, or very low cost to any one seeking to be self-taught in the computer world.

So the next question becomes, “How exactly do you go about teaching yourself?”. Well, admittedly, there is a knack for this sort of thing. However, anyone can attain free computer training through self-taught methods if you apply yourself and get organized. One method that I would recommend is the overview method. Get your materials together and go over all of the table of contents to find the exact topics that you are interested in. Then you can develop an outline for yourself, basically creating your own free computer training course. As you study the material, you can check it off of your outline, until you have completed your course.

It is important when you are teaching yourself through free computer training that you ensure that you are developing a firm grasp on the material. One way that is recommended to make sure you ‘get it’ would be to put into practical use whatever it is you are learning. Fore example, if you are learning HTML (website coding language), then a great way to test and practice what you are learning is to put together a web page from scratch! Another example of testing your knowledge that you are learning from free computer training is to upgrade your computer! If you are learning about how to install additional RAM or a better sound card, then take on the challenge!

If you fail to firmly grasp the things that you are learning through your methods of self-taught free computer training, then you will never know how much you really know. Only through self-testing and practical application of this type of knowledge can you be confident in your ability to ‘talk it up’ around the water cooler, or even help a friend with their computer problems.

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