What are your views on different types of typography used in the websites?

Using different types of fonts may make your web pages clustered. I will not recommend using different typography as it negatively affects readability and user friendliness. Like I said earlier, try not to lose your end result in the process of doing so much.

Could you list a few ways which may repel the visitors, instead of impressing them?

Yes. We all emphasize on ways in which we can impress the customers and in the process, we tend to forget the ways in which might repel them. Here are a few mistakes that can make you lose even your regular customers.

  • Nothing frustrates a navigator more than a slow-loading webpage. Speed plays a major role, you have two, three seconds to attract your customers. Website not making apt use of these initial seconds can kiss their customers goodbye
  • A website design which is not mobile friendly not only suffers at search engine ratings, it is a major customer Repeller. In the era online shopping, no one is willing to zoom into products at the mobile sites.
  • Poor navigation is another enemy, your customers totally loathe. Having a clear menu order is highly imperative. It has to be not only designed beautifully but also logically. The users should be able to reach their destination quickly without much hassle.
  • The content should be well-balanced. The website should not be too verbal or too laconic. An overdose of information will get the users confused, whereas too little of it will not make them fully acquainted with your services. Try using short sentences so that the message is clear and crisp.
  • What do we want never ever to pop-up? Yes, the Pop-up ads. Using too much of pop-up ads can divert your user from their intended goal, they might even abandon your website completely and start scrolling at different websites. And it does not take a genius to figure out pop-ups are frustrating.

Avoid these mistakes, you might actually see the difference soon.

I am getting a new website designed for a project, could you elaborateĀ  on recent design trends?

Yeah, I would like to bring a few facts into the light, however, these are based on my personal knowledge about website designing. The opinion may vary.

  • Avoiding front page carousels because they adversely affect your Search Engine optimization. Due to the high-resolution images that they contain, the loading process becomes slower.
  • Next one you might find debatable, Parallax Scrolling might look attractive and flashy, but it clogs up the load due to ample of Java Scripts and graphics.
  • Exclude any complex load screens. Users do not have the patience to wait for a screen to load that consumes more than three seconds. Sometimes websites have Flashscreens that make users sit for 30 to 40 seconds before they can access the actual site. It is one dreadful mistake. Using too much of JAVAscript can also result in clogging.