Facebook Advertising – Split-testing Your Ads in Facebook

In you Facebook Ads Manager, each campaign is a group of similar ads which have the same purpose. It is important to experiment with your advertisement designs and create as many unique designs as possible to determine which styles or ad types work best for your ads. Split-testing your ads means you test a number of ads which differ in a particular element, and figure out which design with a specific element works best.
When you are split-testing ads, it is advisable to simply select one variable or element to test at a time: either title or image. In doing this, you can see clearer which designs are successful and which aren’t, considering all other variables are fixed. This also helps you determine which elements are better combined together and gathers more viewers.
Make sure that the ads are compared under similar conditions. For instance, choose a specific time of the day when all the apps will be displayed, or the target demographic should also be the same for all ads. This allows you to determine which allows you to see which designs were more favourable to people in particular conditions.
In watching reports, it is advisable to focus on connections the advertisements receive. Sometimes, when the clicks don’t seem to be reaching your expected value, the ad simply needs more time for exposure or testing. It also happens that some ads, which seemed to be quite effective at first, garnering numerous clicks and social clicks, depreciate in performance, especially when it has been running for a long period.
When you find that an ad is no longer effective, opt to create new ones. Don’t just tweak the old ones but make new and unique designs that will attract your target demographics. An ads “impressions” implies how many times an ad has been shown to a person. No matter how high the impressions are, if people simply ignore the ads, it doesn’t add up to your popularity or contribute to the establishment of a long term relationship with your target population. Not to mention you’d be wasting money.
Your landing page, or the website where your ad redirects should be congruent with the message of your ad. Meaning, if in your ad, you’re offering a free e-book or a discount coupon, the link should direct the viewer to a website which offers the said products, or if you are offering solutions to an issue, the landing page should be able to answer your audience’s questions related to the issue.
Lastly, remember to rotate ads often. Offering your target demographic a fresh look may make them more interested in your ads.
Split-testing ads, helps you avoid unnecessary costs in the long run as it informs which ad designs are more effective and will therefore encourage more customers. Having multiple ads to test also allows you to experiment and determine which your current viewers prefer and gives you an idea about what your future patrons might want. For example, if your ads offering free coupons seemed to be quite appealing to some, then maybe more free coupon-ads should be posted. The possibilities are endless, and it all depends on your creativity and enthusiasm.

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