Can You Really Make $10,000 A Month Online?

Is it really possible to make $10,000 a month working from home and running your own business online? Does it sound like a dream? Is it even possible, let alone be a dream? And how many people actually make that much anyway?
The answer is YES. You CAN make $10,000 a month working from home and running your own work at home business. And YES there are plenty of people who make that much, or even more, on the internet. But it didn’t happen overnight!
It starts out just like any other business. With a lot of “elbow grease” and hard work. There’s simply no short cut to it. If you think that you can wake up tomorrow and make $10,000 while you slept, then you’re right. You can! But only if you won the lottery or some rich relative died and left you his or her money. That’s the ONLY way you’ll make a lot of money in no time. Other than that, it’s all about how hard you work at your work at home business.
It’s just like any other business. You can’t assume that just because you do it online, some miracle will happen and the business will take off by itself. You must realize that in order for any business to succeed, be in online or offline, you’ve got to put in the effort.
But what are the basic guidelines you should follow if you want to make $10,000 a month? Here’s how.
a) Target a niche that’s lucrative.
You can’t succeed if your target market is saturated, unless you’re a genius. For the rest of us, we need to focus of building our work at home business around a niche that’s not too big but yet not too small either. You must make sure that your niche is big enough for you to be able to sell to it and yet small enough that not too many people are targeting it. This is one place where SIZE does matter. And knowing exactly how big your niche is, is so very important.
b) Focus on one thing
Once you find your niche you need to focus on it. It’s easy to get side tracked or branch off into many different streams of markets. Don’t lose focus! Keep doing what you are doing and focus on ONE specific thing at a time. Make it work 100%. And even then, there’s always room for improvement. Many work at home business owners fall into this “diversify or die” mode and they spread themselves too thin. Don’t fall for that. Focus on one thing and do it well. There’ll be a time to expand, but not until you are making a considerable monthly income. If you are making a few bucks each month, you KNOW you need to focus!
c) Test and Refine
You cannot be complacent about how you do your business.
What’s good today can be bad tomorrow. And you’ll never know unless you test and refine your business process. Don’t take someone else’s advice on what’s good for your business. Test it yourself! Use different website copies, headlines, calls to action, prices, bonuses etc. There are a LOT of areas you can test – so make sure you do it. And when your results are in, refine your business process. If your results are conclusive, make the change. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Refine your process and then keep testing it. It’s a cycle. Not a movement. So repeat it often.
d) Keep doing what works.
Sometimes you’ll find that there are certain aspects of your business that you’ve tested and found that it works well. There’s no need to change it. Well then don’t. Many people think that change is universal and that EVERY aspect of their business should be changed. Don’t be like that. Change only those that your tests told you to change. Leave other aspects that work, well alone. If they work – don’t change them.
e) Try to automate as much as possible
After a while you’ll find that some of your day-to-day business chores take up most of your time and that leaves little for the rest. You always feel that you don’t have enough time. Identify the aspects of your work at home business that take up most of your time and see if you can automate it to some extent. You might also be able to find tools or services that can do those tasks for you in less time or effort. If you can automate such processes and free up more of your time, you can use that time on other areas of your business that can be of more use to you.
f) Replicate your success
If you’ve tested, refined, tested some more, and automated as much as you can then you will begin to realize that your business is now almost running in “auto pilot” mode. And this means that you can now run the business spending less time. And the profits have not taken a hit and have actually increased. Once you begin to see that you are making a considerable amount a month, it’s time to replicate your business. And that means creating a whole new business that works the same as the one you’ve got. Once you get more than one work at home businesses running, you will have multiple streams of income. And now you are that much closer to your $10,000 a month goal.
g) Keep Working Hard!
And finally, you simply can’t find a substitute for hard work. Working hard means working smart. So as you start your multi income streams you must not let yourself slacken and lose focus. Keep a firm grip on your businesses and make sure you put in the same hard work that brought your to your $10.000 a month dream. Treat it like a business and it will treat you well – I promise you.
So earning $10,000 a month from your work at home business is indeed possible. But there are no short cuts and no silver bullets. Hard work and working SMART will get you close to that “dream” faster. And once you are there you’ll find that all that hard work was well worth it!

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