Buying Adsense Websites on ebay

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You can get a good deal from purchasing an adsense website on ebay but…
* You should use some caution *
I have seeen the same exact design sold on ebay everyday of the week. You may get 30 or so of these sites (different topics) for about $99. The 30 sites total 6,000 pages.
Similar sites are also sold daily (in multiple quantities) on ebay like “Huge Adsense Empire – 100+ sites 16,500 Pages” Imagine 150 of these sold and posted w/out change. 2,475,000 duplicate pages on the web.
Just look at the site for sell then check the sellers feedback from “buyers” – most are private listings. You will see that they may sell 1 to 3 per day!
Many new buyers purchase these and are unfamiliar with editing or adding content to a php site and get frustrated.
Now, there are some excellent sellers – sites and good deals to be found on ebay but you need to take a good look at the site and the number sold.
Also be sure the articles include the author’s resource box with a live link.
Many sites chop off the end of some of the articles or do not display the authors “clickable” link (a no no).
Check the “page title” at the top of your browser. A page titled “New Page” or “Untitled” is not a good sign.
Look at the source code by right clicking your mouse and choosing view source to see if there are any meta tags or keywords in the page header.
Don’t confuse most of the “ebay mill” sites with sites you may see for sell that have limited numbers like 25 – are made with private or original articles & have support forums or excellent instructions.
These are Great for new users who need help and they provide a way to learn about the site.
The ebay mill sites typically are not in the same league.
Some of the better sites that are sold on ebay are in limited numbers and include an admin panel where you can easily add your own links – and your own content before and after each article page – giving you some uniqueness. Look for these even if they cost a little bit more
Not all ebay sites are an unwise purchase – I was a power seller a few years ago & sold websites – you can find a good deal and a good site.
Just do your research. With adsense the number two search term on ebay pulse under websites for sale, sellers have really jumped on the popularity of these sites.

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