Blending Adsense Ads Properly Will Result In More Clicks

Adsense advertisement blending is somewhat of an art.
Many successful Adsense publishers will tell you that their websites and blogs generated more income when they took the time to blend their units into their pages.

Today, it seems that the vast majority of surfers have conditioned themselves not to click on anything that resembles blatant Adsense advertising. By blending your advertisement units into your web pages, you are increasing the chances that your visitors will click on them. You must be careful, however, not to make the ads look so much like your content that you trick visitors into clicking. This is against the Adsense TOS and could get your account suspended.

Some of the most common Adsense locations are either the top or bottom of a page or on the left side of your page. Statistics have shown that even when these ads are extremely relevant, visitors are still hesitant to click. This is commonly known as “ad blindness”. It’s as if the visitor doesn’t even see your ads at all.

Many webmasters have found some degree of success by placing advertisement units directly before or after the first paragraph of their content articles. The theory behind this is that readers will notice relevant ads while they are searching for the beginning of your text. If your article has raised certain questions for the reader, they may click one of your ads seeking answers.

Another blending method that has proved to be successful is placing the 336X280 ad unit between paragraphs. Readers often pause between paragraphs, and it is your hope that their eyes will wander to one of the text ads in the unit.

This is actually the same method used in television advertising. Many television advertisers choose to sell their products during program pauses. Of course, just as many consumers move away from the television during commercials, so too might they move away from your ads! Nevertheless, your primary goal is to generate Adsense income during these pauses.

The most obvious way to blend your ad units is to change the background and border color of your advertisement to the same color as the location where the ad unit will be placed. Doing this makes it seem more like the advertisements are part of your actual content. again, you must be careful not to disguise your ads within your content to the point that it appears as if they are your content. Google may consider this to be click fraud.

You may even want to experiment by using these methods together. Like any other type of successful advertising, success usually depends on trial and error. You can begin by testing out a certain format for two weeks and see how it goes before further tweaks are implemented. I have had success simply by changing the color of the link text to black instead of blue.

It is important to remember that Adsense success will not happen overnight. Take the time to try several methods of advertisement blending, because in the long run it is definitely worth the effort and dedication. One day you will check your account to see that you have made a substantial amount of money. This will make all of your hard work worth the effort.

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