Testing Trends To Look Out For In 2019
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Following a tip off from several usually reliable sources it has come to my attention that Adsense is dead.
It would appear that if you have been making any money from Adsense you may as well give up, shut down your site and do something else instead.

Have you been feeling this way too?

So many people have Adsense products to sell, and so many are using worst case scenarios to tell you how bad it’s going to be for your site as the search engine business does what it has always done, and revises its algorithms. These doom and gloom merchants cite everything from duplicate content to the small but necessary changes the search engines make on a regular basis to avoid the spam, and keyword stuffed useless link and ad farms that arise to take advantage of their last updates.

So what do you as an Adsense website owner have to do to maintain your revenue?

Despite the views to the contrary, you need to do what you should always have been doing. Test and tune. Every sales site, lead page, and Adsense website you build should be monitored, and tested, then tuned to test some more to keep it always earning you as much as possible. When things change, it’s time to make any tweaks you need to and test again.

Most of the doom laden messages usually come with a link to some new tool, or automated software to make all new sites, and at a premium price as they promise to overcome whatever reason they are saying cause your income to drop. The truth is if you are adding quality content, and the testing and tuning, then the search engines have to keep coming back and listing your site. It’s what they live for. The problems come when you have no content, just a keyword stuffed page full of links hoping to make some money. Nobody wants to see those in a search, they are a waste of time. These are what the search engine owners are trying to filter out.

So here’s our tips, add fresh content to your websites as often as you can. Test and tune keywords, ad placements and colours etc. as you always should be doing, and finally, don’t fall for the hype, your Adsense revenue is still there, in fact you may just have less competition with all those link farms gone.

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