Responsive Web Design And Mobile Web App: A Comparative Analysis

A responsive web design is something that every single website should have, however it really depends that for which platform you are designing the website. If you are developing a mobile web app, then the way you build the website will be entirely different. It is up to you that what you want to build but keep in mind that both of these things have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here you will find some things that you should know about a responsive web design and a mobile web app.

Advantages Of Responsive Web Design

  • A responsive web design is able to help the website to improve local SEO ranking. When you are targeting local keywords then a responsive web design will certainly improve local search visibility. When many users are searching for a particular piece of information that your website has, then the search engine automatically redirects the users to websites that have a clean design and are easier to use.


  • A responsive web design contributes towards better user experience. Since your design is well crafted hence people do not face any difficulty while opening your website on other devices like mobile phones. They do not have to zoom and shrink the website. A good user experience leads to positive reviews which in turn help the search engine to understand the authenticity and credibility of the website.
  • Though the trend of responsive web design has gained a lot of popularity in the market however there are still chances that your current competitors may not have thought about, hence having such a design can surely provide you a competitive edge. According to one research 85% of the people believe that a mobile website should be as good as that of a computer.

Advantages Of Mobile Web App

  • The first advantage of a mobile web app is that it is very easily accessible. Almost every single one of us owns a smartphone today, therefore if your web app is available on a phone it will be easier to access for the user. This will increase the usability of the app and attract a lot more audience.


  • The second advantage of a mobile web app is the fact that as mentioned before, a big population of the world owns smartphones. Therefore if your web app is available on these devices, it means that it can be used by a larger audience. This is will in turn help your web app in many different ways.
  • The developing cost of the web apps is also much lower when compared with responsive web pages, this is because there a lot less components that can be displayed on a small screen and it limits the development.

These were some things that you should know about a responsive web design and mobile web app. Both of these things are useful, it only depends on what you need most, a larger audience or a web page that will automatically attract anyone who sees it.

Hi! With the flux of smartphones invading the market, the days of desktop seem to be numbered. More and more internet users are being drawn to the portability and comfort offered by smartphones instead of desktops. Websites are designed specifically for the desktops

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